Moving on the distance more than 70 kilometers from the original city is usually considered a long distance moving.

For this type of moving, which involves several kilometers to be covered, of course we must choose without any hesitation, a professional and reliable company of movers in Montreal.

We have a great experience in moving delivery, assembly office, moving piano and pool tables moving from or to Montreal

Montreal Long Distance Moving

We offer some types of moving:

Group move – this is the most economical option, or you can save about 30% of the standard rate. In this case we transport at the same time some apartments.

The non-urgent move– taking advantage of our warehousing services. In this case the move will take you from 5 to 30 days. The price for such a move will be considerably lower. The quality of the removals will remain at a high level.

Main Directions for Long Distance Moving:

To reduce the costs of your move:

  • You could take various initiatives to reduce the cost of your long distance move, including:
  • Reserve your moving company as soon as possible and plan your move.
  • As a result, you may be able to avoid costs associated with resources deployed at the last minute
  • Take the time to shop around and find the moving company that suits you, that offers you the best price.
  • Bring with you only the goods you will need.
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