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If you want that your moving be economical, you must always rely on good planning to avoid surprises and cost overruns.

The economic solution to move is to possibly participate in your move.
Montreal Economical Moving
is listening to your needs according to your budget.

The important thing in an economical moving is not to neglect safety:

  • Renting a truck and having a hitch can come back more deductible than a simple move.
  • Or getting off your couch by yourself or with non-professionals from the 3-floor floor by the stairs causing damage in the stairwell can cost 10 times more than a move.
Montreal Economical Moving and Storage Service

Our company has solutions for you:

Moving with your friends! We offer you a moving truck with its driver, and all the necessary equipment to ensure maximum protection to your furniture: trolleys, straps, blankets, boxes, bags for mattresses, box wardrobes, etc.

The driver-mover is an experienced mover. It will give you practical advice: with what to start and how to arrange your stock in the truck safely

Montreal Economical Moving offers discounts for students and seniors discount for every door-to-door moving in the Montreal, North Shore and South Shore region.

Call our company for a professional moving service and a discount of 5%, 8% and 10% respectively.

  • 5% discount – if your moving is estimated to be $ 200 or less
  • 8% discount – if your moving is estimated between $ 200 – $ 500
  • 10% discount – if your moving is more than $ 500
You can, contact us without any obligation on your part to inquire about the services and rates, to obtain a quote or any other question concerning our service: FAST ESTIMATION.

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